Student Twenties

If you are a student in Stellenbosch University or a 20 something staying in the Helderberg Basin then you are very welcome at Urban Voice!

We have an ever growing and vibrant student and twenties community here @ Urban Voice, and we would love to welcome you, and make you feel at home here too.

We all meet together at the Sunday morning meetings, and have smaller mid week groups which really help to build closer friendships within the larger student twenties community.

But it isn’t just about meetings! We love to hang out over some food, at the pub, watching some rugby / cricket or just chilling round each others houses.  We have a regular event called Urban Unite, which brings us all together to have either worship and a talk together, or a social to have a laugh.

Most of our student twenties are really passionate about serving in the church, and we have loads of areas that you could fit into.  Whether it is doing kids or youth work, being part of the media team, or going to prison cells to chat to inmates!

After most meetings we all go out for a coffee or something to eat.  If you are new to the church, let us know so you can come out for a free coffee so we can welcome you properly and also give us all a chance to get to know each other.

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