Buzz (4 – 6 Years)

A fun and exciting place for pre-school children turning 5 up to and including Grade R. 

One of the highlights of our time with our pre-schoolers is worship, where we all behave like children singing songs with lots of actions and dancing. Each week this is followed up with a variety of games, craft activities, creative play and outside play. Throughout the term we cover carefully chosen Bible stories and themes, made accessible to our younger children through drama, visuals, puppets and object lessons.

Water and fruit are served at each session.

Each week the team leader is supported by a team of leaders, including some teenagers and it is such a pleasure to see these young people growing in their leadership roles.  Their presence brings a fun vibe to this age group.

If your child needs you during any part of the session, we will alert you. Please make sure you register your child at the start of each session and collect them promptly after the meeting.

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