Revolution (Grades 7 – 9 up to 15 Years)

Revolution is our transitional group where we aim to walk alongside our young people as they develop spiritual maturity. 

Revolution is a place where our younger teenagers can hang out with friends, play a few games and develop the skills they need to pursue a lifelong relationship with Jesus for themselves.  While we still incorporate enough games and craft to make this group fun Revolution is a place for discussing more meaty questions of faith and application to everyday life.  Our teaching heavily focuses on equipping our young people to read the bible for themselves, develop a prayer life and become salt and light in their own communities.

Revolution teenagers stay in the adult sermon 2 weeks out of 6. This is so they can understand more of the vision and direction of Urban Voice and be integrated fully into our church family.

Each term Revolution enjoys a fun Sunday – either an outing or a movie or a games session, and we aim to either hold a weekend camp or an overnight hike for Revolution once a year.  These are great times of getting away from our everyday lives, basking in the wonder of God’s creation, deepening friendships and so much laughter together.

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