Chambeshi Farm Project

Once more it was a great pleasure to visit the Chambeshi Farm Project to view how things are progressing. The picture below is ample evidence that sizable progress has been made. Though there is still much to do to realise the full potential of this site there are now in existence both a slaughterhouse and the first of the two chicken houses, as well as te foundations laid for the second chicken house.


That said, there has been challenges along the way, with transport costs exceeding budget estimates and vehicles getting stuck for days on end during the rainy season. To mitigate this, the first run of chickens has been activated utilising the slaughter-house (see below).


And with funding soon to be realised from the sale of the first run of chickens, the recently completed chicken house (see below) will soon be housing its first batch of 3,000 chickens


With chicken production now underway, attention has been turned towards other aspects of the project, namely Foundations for Farming. It was therefore great to be able to take with me Alex Kambiambia who was able to spend an afternoon teaching on the basic principles of Foundations for Farming, a form of conservation farming. Part of the afternoon was to establish a demonstration plot (pictured below) to act as a showpiece for the projects farming initiatives.


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